Combination locks are issued by the school at no cost. Replacement locks for lost locks must be purchased at school for $5.00.  Students are required to return the combination lock that was assigned to them at the end of the school year or pay a monetary fee to replace it. No sharing of lockers.

Students will be tracking in and out of lockers. A clean locker is an easy locker to track out of!

Grading Policy

All students are expected to turn in work on time. We cannot evaluate student achievement on work not submitted; therefore, missing work is recorded as a zero unless/until it is submitted.

Major and minor assessments are accepted up to three days after the due date. Late work is subject to penalty  of 10 points.


Major Assignments: 50%

Minor Assignments: 40%

Homework: 10%


Major Assignments: 50%

Minor Assignments: 50%

if not homework is given. 

Homework will count for up to 10% of each class’s total grade. Homework is accepted up to one day after the due date for a 10 point deduction. 

Major Assignments

Original assessments and retakes will remain at school for testing security reasons. Details regarding your child's performance on an assessment/retake are available upon request.

Major assignments are accepted up to three days after the due date for a penalty of 10 points. After that, the assignment will no longer be accepted and will be recorded as a zero in PowerSchool.

Retake Policy

In order for a student to retake a test to improve their grade, they must complete required form, have no missing assignments, and turn in the signed form to stay after school on Wednesday for the retake. The retake grade replaces the original grade in PowerSchool (for better or worse). 


Power School

Power School is an online site to check grades and student progress. Please check regularly to keep up with your child’s assignments.

The login information to access Home Base will be given out during the first few weeks of school. 



Interim Reports

Each teacher will send home an interim report half way through each quarter. Interim reports are to be viewed and signed by parents and returned in a timely manner. Up to date grades can also be accessed through Power School.




It is the student's responsibility to acquire make-up work if absent from school. If the absence is approved in advance and/or if the work is assigned by the teacher in advance, all make-up work is due upon the student's return to school, including tests/projects assigned for the day of return. If the work was not assigned in advance, for absences of one (1) to three (3) days, the student will have one day for each day absent. For absences exceeding three (3) days, the student may have two (2) days for each day absent to make up work.

Major/Minor assignments are accepted up to three days after the due date for a penalty of 10 points. After that, the assignment will no longer be accepted and will be recorded as a zero in PowerSchool.


A Few Basic School Procedures

No agenda = no hall pass. Students MUST have their own agenda in order to use a hall pass. Please go through the agenda with your student. The agenda has the rules and procedures for the school.


Book bags are not allowed in the classroom starting Monday, July 18. Lockers must be used.


Parent conferences can be held upon request. We meet as a team for all parent conferences.


The first period of each school day will begin with Flight School. Flight school is an opportunity for enrichment, remediation, and extension activities.


Students will not be permitted to use cell phones during school hours (except for lunch) without teacher permission.  Students are responsible for their devices.


Tardy to School Procedure

Students who are tardy to school MUST check in at the front office to gain a pass before going further into the building.

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